Company Information (English)


We are a company to create “person(specialist)” and “company”.

We believe to be able to give joy to many people and contribute to the future of Japan by delivering to the world specialists active in various fields such as medicine, beauty, cooking and training, and impregnate their methods in the society.

We believe that by sharing those specialits’ ideas and communicativities with you companies, we will be able to create new things that never have existed, create them, and make it an innovation and provide “things that are truly longed for”.

In this current super information society, existing methods have not been effective such as traditional product development, sales, and marketing. Consumers needs are also varied, therefore, they do not select products with superficial image-building strategy.

In other words, in the time only genuine things survive, expertise and expert’s wisdom specialized in a certain field are necessary. It is the mission of our specialist agency to combine ideas of such specialists, companies’ thoughts, and social needs, and to create things out of it.

Also, the NPO and general incorporated association our company is an executive office for are our own method we created with specialists, which I believe is a new “technology” in present Japan. We continue to challenge till such technology will flap its wings not just domestically but worldwide.

All our staff will make efforts to create such a light in the future that many people have hope, feel joyful and fulfilled by touching something of what we created.

Timeline Agency
Representative Director Masahiko Isogai

About Us

[Representative Director] Masahiko Isogai
[Address] Davinchi Sendagaya 5F 1-30-8 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 151-0051
[TEL] +81 03 5413 5773
[FAX] +81 03 5413 5774

Description of Business

● Media appearances of specialists
Affiliate specialists appear on TV, in magazines, events and lectures.
● Specialist Casting
We cast specialists in beauty and health using the Timeline agency network.
Events, TV appearances, lectures etc.
● Product Development / Consulting
Specialist will help you from product development to marketing.
● Promotion / Marketing
Specialist will plan PR in company’s advertising promotion.
● Event Planning, Production
We will plan and produce collaborated events using specialists.